Optimal Farm Size in Rice production of households Mekong Delta, Vietnam: case of Total Factor Productivity


Nguyen Lan Duyen

DOI 10.5110/77. 1049                 Page:   150-168             Vol: 18    Issue: 09   Year: 2023

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The paper aims to examine the effect of farm size on the efficiency of production activities as a basis for determining the optimal farm size to maximize the efficiency of production activities. Primary data were from a ramdom sample of 498 households at three provinces of Mekong Delta, Vietnam. The analysis results show that the model is highly statistically significant and determines the inverted U-shaped nonlinear relationship between farm size and the efficiency of production activities through total factor productivity indicators (TFP). Hence, the optimal farm size of 9.7 ha will bring highest the efficiency of production activities. The paper proposed solutions to help use the farm size appropriately, improve production efficiency and improve household incomes.


Households, Optimal farm size, Total factor production.

Received:  28 October 2023

Accepted: 12 November  2023

Published:  25 November  2023