Optimizing Resource Utilization in Cloud Environments: A Novel Dynamic Load Balancing Algorithm


Jasobanta Laha, Sabyasachi Pattnaik, Kumar Surjeet Chaudhury

DOI:  10.5110/77. 1042                 Page:   28-50             Vol: 18    Issue: 09   Year: 2023

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Efficient resource utilization is crucial for maximizing the performance and cost-effectiveness of cloud computing environments. This paper presents a novel dynamic load balancing algorithm aimed at optimizing resource utilization in cloud environments. The proposed algorithm leverages the latest techniques in load balancing to intelligently distribute incoming requests among multiple servers or virtual machines (VMs). It incorporates adaptive weight assignment, workload-aware load evaluation, and dynamic load redistribution mechanisms to achieve optimal resource allocation. By assigning weights to servers/VMs based on their processing capabilities, requests are directed to the most suitable resources, ensuring efficient resource utilization. The load evaluation process continuously monitors the workload and performance metrics, identifying underutilized and overloaded resources for dynamic load redistribution. This allows for the migration of requests from overloaded servers/VMs to underutilized ones, effectively balancing the load and optimizing resource utilization. Experimental evaluations demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm in improving resource utilization, reducing response times, and enhancing system performance in cloud environments.


Dynamic load balancing, Cloud computing, Resource utilization, Load redistribution, Adaptive weight assignment, Workload-aware load evaluation, Resource optimization.

Received:  10 October 2023

Accepted: 21 October 2023

Published:  01 November  2023