Foreign Capital Flows and Environmental Sustainability in Nigeria


Ogbebor Peter Ifeanyi, Lawal Esther, Adesowu Olumide Subomi 

 DOI10.5110/77. 1605               Page:   18-38         Vol: 19    Issue: 06   Year: 2024

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Foreign capital flows have major effects on various aspects of the recipient economy including its environment. While there is a vast literature on the effects of foreign capital flow components such as foreign direct investment (FDI) on the environment, the findings have been generally inconclusive leading to mixed results especially in the Nigerian context. The article adopted the non-linear autoregressive distributed lag methodology to achieve this objective. The authors found that positive and negative fluctuations in foreign capital flows affects the environmental sustainability of Nigeria through its arable landscape. In line with the findings, the article recommended that the Nigerian government should work with public and private stakeholders in the agricultural sector to ensure the utilization of said capital flows for the preservation and restoration of arable landscape in Nigeria.       


Foreign capital flows, Environmental Sustainability, Nigeria, Arable land, Foreign direct investment

Received:  08 May 2024

Accepted:   24 May 2024

Published: 07 June 2024