Transformational Leadership Analysis on Human Resource Performance Through Organizational Culture and Team Work


Wanuri, Prof. Dr. Budiyanto, MS, Dr. Suhermin, SE. MM. 

DOI10.5110/77. 1050                Page:   169-191            Vol: 18    Issue: 09   Year: 2023

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The performance of human resources is one of the most critical elements in maintaining the continuity of a company’s business, one of which is PT. Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) Operational Area 4 Semarang. The high turnover of leadership in this company is an exciting issue to study in the context of its influence on the company’s human resources performance. This study analyzes the impact of transformational leadership, teamwork, and organizational culture on human resources performance using a sample of 132 respondents with a purposive sampling method. The data analysis technique in this study is Structural Equation Modeling (SEM). Therefore, this study finds that transformational leadership positively affects organizational culture, teamwork, and human resource performance. It also indicates that teamwork and organizational culture significantly influence human resources performance. Lastly, this study proves the mediation of teamwork and organizational culture on the influence of transformational leadership on human resource performance at PT. Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) Operational Area 4 Semarang.


Transformational leadership, teamwork, organizational culture, human resources performance.

Received: 07 November 2023

Accepted: 23 November 2023

Published: 29 November 2023