Vol. 19 No. 04 (2024)

Published: April – 2024

Tax Revenue Optimization from Transfer Pricing, Corruption Control and Economic Growth in Nigeria

Ogbebor, Peter I, Lawal, Esther, Adegboyega, Adewale Nurudeen

DOI: 10.5110/77. 1402    

Page:   05-20

Eco Friendly Waste Solution: A Path to Responsible Resource Management

Mushtaq Ahmed D M, Nandini S B, Brunda G, Dr. Naseer R, Sangeetha Rao S

DOI: 10.5110/77. 1404    

Page:   42-53


Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant immunomodulatory effects of some natural common plants

A.M. Abdel-Mageed, Abdellatif, M. M, Ali Y. H, Doaa A. Elsayed, Intisar K.S and Medhat Ahmed Abu-Tahon

DOI: 10.5110/77. 1407   

Page:   91-103